Tourism in Greece

Pserimos’ six-hour tourism boom

Iraklis Mamoudelos stands in front of the Aphrodite cafe-restaurant, with its blue polyester director's chairs. He has a black tray under his left arm, ready to welcome customers. No one is swimming at the beach of Pserimos, a tiny island between Kalymnos and Kos in the eastern Aegean - now, at least - but the setting is ready.

Footage implicates suspect in Polish woman’s death

The images from video footage and in particular frames that captured a 32-year-old Bangladeshi man leaving his house with the 27-year-old Anastazja Rubinska and then returning later alone and leaving again after a while, was essentially what led to his prosecution on murder charges, according to reports.

Migrants rescued from boat found off Kalymnos

Sixty-eight migrants found on Monday on a sailboat northwest of the coast of the small island of Leros, in southeastern Greece, were rescued and transferred to the island, state-run broadcaster ERT reported.

The migrants were picked up by a merchant ship that was sailing nearby and then by the Coast Guard that transferred them to Leros.

Compliance by Nammos, maneuvers for Principote on Mykonos

The case of the Nammos beach restaurant on the island of Mykonos is heading toward closure after the Syros Town Planning Authority certified the company's compliance with the Environment Ministry's request that the illegal structures it had erected be demolished.

This has paved the way for the reopening of the sealed-off site.