Tourism in Greece

Bulgarians arrested in Greece for long-distance pimping

Two Bulgarian men have been arrested in Thessaloniki and charged with driving a 27-year-old woman from their home country to the northern Greek city so they could procure her to other men.

Police said yesterday that the two suspects, aged 34 and 36, had ferried the woman to Thessaloniki daily for the last two months.

They also believe she was raped by the 34-year-old.

Cleaner dies after falling from balcony of Iraklio hotel

A 48-year-old cleaner died on Tuesday a few hours after falling off a first-floor balcony of the hotel in the Cretan port of Iraklio where she was working, according to local reports.

Doctors who tried to save her said the mother of three sustained massive head injuries.

The exact circumstances of the woman’s fall remained unclear.

Teenager arrested in Athens trying to send half a kilo of heroin by bus

An 18-year-old man was arrested at one of the main KTEL inter-city bus terminal on Sunday after trying to send half a kilo of heroin to Zakynthos.

Police on the Ionian island had been tipped of about the teenager’s plans and had placed him under surveillance. He was arrested as he attempted to send the package, containing 515 grams of the drug, at the Kifissos terminal.

Thessaloniki coast guard officers make conraband cigarette haul

Coast guard officers in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, have arrested two suspects in connection with a cargo container carrying nearly 9 million packets of contraband cigarettes.

The two suspects, aged 64 and 48, were arrested as they took possession of the documents pertaining to the container in which the illegal goods were found.

Both faced a prosecutor.

Samos migrant detention center seriously overcrowded

Police on Samos have warned that a migrant reception center on the eastern Aegean island is seriously overcrowded, posing a risk to the safety and health of police and immigrants.

In a letter to Greek Police Chief Dimitris Tsaknakis, the island’s police union said that the migrant center is accommodating 682 people, more than double the maximum of 285 it is designed to hold.