Turkey’s only Kite Museum regales visitors

Turkey's first and only Kite Museum operating in Istanbul since 2005 narrates to visitors the 2,500-years of wonderful history and journey of the kite.

Speaking to the state-run Anadolu Agency on the eve of the International Museum Day, Mehmet Naci Aköz, the founder of the museum, said he had established the Kite Museum with his collection in the Üsküdar district in Istanbul.

Residents fly colorful kites from rooftops in Turkey’s Mardin

The residents of the southeastern province of Mardin practicing self-isolation rules due to the coronavirus outbreak are organizing on social media and flying kites from rooftops at certain times every day.

Those under the age of 20 and over 65, banned from leaving their houses to curb the spread of the virus, are especially among those flying the kites.

Kites no longer flying over Turkey’s Adana due to power outage risks

Kites that would normally dot the skies of the southern province of Adana with the arrival of spring will not be flying any more, after a decision made by the Adana Governor's Office.

Those under the age of 20 and over 65, who could not go out due to the COVID-19 measures taken, had started flying kites from the roofs of their homes.

Students turn old fabrics into canvas bags

High school students in the Black Sea province of Samsun turn old items into rag dolls and bags within the scope of the Zero Waste Project.

The students make their own belongings by turning old socks, clothes and fabrics into cloth bags with cloth dolls as an alternative to plastic toys and dolls in the visual arts lesson with the support of the school administration.