Traditional stories

Reunions can be nostalgic and painful as well as happy – as the ancient Greek heroes Achilles and Odysseus show us

Celebrations are a joyous time of reuniting with family and friends. But afterward, people can sometimes be left uneasily mulling over their relationships. Annual returns home can induce an uncomfortable nostalgia in the tension between how the past is remembered and how the present is experienced.

Greek folk dancers showcase customs in Germany

Members of a Greek folk-dancing group perform during the International Folklore Festival in Bautzen, Germany, in this photograph published on Friday. The festival, which ends on Sunday, brings together groups from around the world showcasing their customs and traditions. This is the 12th installment of the biennial festival and it will culminate with a big party. [Filip Singer/EPA]

East in the Park 2015 in Sofia: Music, Dance and Storytelling

A new edition of the annual East in the Park festival is due this Sunday afternoon in downtown Sofia.

At the Summer Scene One More ???? ("One More Cinema"), singing lessons, storytelling, dancing, yoga, and Eastern fairy tales will all be part of the event scheduled between 15:00 and 19:00.