The fatal decision that sent drivers to heart of inferno

It is difficult to offer a sober and pragmatic perspective on the devastating fires that ravaged the seaside resort of Mati, east of Athens, on July 23, as the memories of the unspeakable tragedy are still fresh. And it goes without saying that any attempt to exploit the tragedy for political advantage is unacceptable.

Respecting the victims

Tragedy has struck Greece this summer season, with dozens of dead and scores injured in this week's wildfires. We have sustained incalculable environmental damage and material losses. Yet in this tragedy we are also seeing the epitome of indifference and carelessness from the government, from local authorities, from regional authorities and, of course, from citizens.

The Missing Bulgarian on his Way to London Died of a Heart Attack in a Bus (Updated)

Tragic turn out of events surrounding 48-year-old Hristo Angelov, who disappeared on his way to London, 24hours reports.The man from Burgas died of a heart attack on a bus on May 12th.

According to the publication, a stranger saw the call for the missing man on the social network and contacted his son. He told him he had witnessed the misfortune on the bus.

Castellucci | Athens | July 1 & 2

Italian director Romeo Castellucci draws inspiration from French diplomat Alexis de Tocqueville's (1805-59) seminal treatise for his production of "Democracy in America," which takes the audience back to the New World to explore what the director calls "the decline of tragedy." The Greek Festival performance takes place at the Onassis Cultural Center, starting at 9 p.m. on both nights.

A wake-up call

We should be very alarmed by the fact that an entire area of Attica's western suburbs has been allowed to become a zone of crime and lawlessness.

Nothing illustrates the danger this poses like the death on Friday of a child who was hit by a stray bullet while at school.

24hr Mt. Olympus by blind Belgian Jan Fabre at Thessaloniki (pics)

An innovative 24-hour performance, titled “Mount Olympus”, will be the highlight of the Dimitria Festival at the Thessaloniki Music Hall on October 10, the largest cultural event in northern Greece. The work is by blind Belgian artist Jan Fabre and takes a modern look at ancient tragedy using 28 performers.