Platform B: Freedom of Information in the Balkans: Classified, Rejected, Delayed

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Platform B event series will be organised in accordance with all relevant health measures. As the situation improves, we hope to be able to host some of the events in BIRN spaces in Sarajevo and Belgrade, and elsewhere in the region.

The Platform B will be an opportunity for individuals and groups to meet monthly on selected topics.

Slovenia on CIVICUS watchlist for restricting fundamental rights

Ljubljana – CIVICUS, an international alliance of NGOs, on Wednesday placed Slovenia on its list of countries to be monitored for a decline in fundamental civil liberties. Under Janez Janša’s government, civil society organisations have been undermined by funding cuts and journalists and the national press agency have been targeted, they wrote.

Platform B: Amplifying Strong and Credible SEE Voices

Together with our partners, BIRN is launching a series of online and offline events aimed to amplify the voices of strong and credible individuals and organisations in the region that promote the core values of democracy, such as civic engagement, independent institutions, transparency and rule of law.

Slovenia makes no headway in Corruption Perception Index

Ljubljana – Slovenia has made no headway in the 2020 Corruption Perception Index (CPI) compiled annually by Transparency International (TI). Like in 2019, Slovenia ranked 39th among 180 countries included in the index. With a score of 60 points, it once again fell short of the EU average of 64 points and the OECD average of 67 points.

Greece improves score in global corruption index, watchdog says

Greece has climbed one spot to 59th position among 180 countries in the Transparency International (TI) Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) for 2020.

Greece's score also improved to 50 out of 100 points on the CPI survey.

The group's 2019 report gave Greece a score of 48, which put the country in 60th place.

Bulgaria Again Ranks Among Most Corrupt Countries in Europe

The corruption perception index in Bulgaria is 44 points, ranking our country 69th out of 180 countries in the world, included in Transparency International's ranking. Compared to last year, our country adds one point to its score, catching up with Romania and Hungary, reports

Greeks can now get official docs on their phones

A new app allows citizens to access electronic documents using the state's open data platform. 

More specifically, the online platform of the Greek government ( can now be accessed on tablets and smartphones with gov.App, which helps citizens to get hold of documents ranging from simple authorizations to registration deeds, facilitating transactions with the state.

Clientelist Networks Lie Behind Western Balkans State Capture – Transparency

Political elites and their grip on power are the main driving force behind state capture in the Western Balkans and Turkey, a new Transparency International report asserts.

The report, "Examining state capture", published on Tuesday, notes "two key enabling factors of state capture in the Western Balkans and Turkey: impunity for high-level corruption and tailor-made laws".