Within 3 Years in Bulgaria There will be up to 15,000 Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

Electric cars are gaining popularity around the world and in Bulgaria. As of the end of February this year, in Traffic Police 785 cars are registered, that are only driven by electricity. But what are the reasons their number to be still too low and how can this change?

CPC will Take Action in Relation to the Russian Taxi Service Maxim in Bulgaria

The Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC) has decided to check the Russian taxi-service Maxim for unfair competition on the Bulgarian market. The case study was formed on Wednesday and no temporary measures against the activity of Russian Uber in Bulgaria have been imposed.

Supreme Administrative Court Confirmed the Ban and Fines for Uber in Bulgaria

A three-member panel of the Supreme Administrative Court upheld the decision of the Commission for the Protection of Competition (CPC), which banned Uber's business in Bulgaria and a fine of 200,000 levs was imposed on the two companies Uber B.V and Rasier Opportunities B.V.

On the Way to the Holidays - Where the Traffic Around March 3rd Will be Most Intensified

Several days off are coming, which traditionally means that we pack up the luggage and go on the road. Today and tomorrow are expected to be with increase traffic on Republican roads. 

A special organization was set up to support traffic on the main roads during weekends, explained in sp. Petar Sokolov from the Traffic Police.