Traffic Alert

Extensive traffic on the country's roads is expected. Hundreds of people are on their way for the three days off. Therefore, heavy goods vehicle traffic will be limited.

From 14:00 to 20:00 o'clock on Thursday, trucks over 12 tons will be banned from highways and busiest roads stops.

More trains scheduled for elections, toll charges waived for voters

The Hellenic Railways Organization's operating arm Trainose is to boost services on the Athens-Thessaloniki route between Thursday and Tuesday, May 28, in a bid to help those traveling to their constituencies to vote in Sunday's local authority and European Parliament elections.

Bulgarian PM Borisov: The Toll System should Start Working in the Summer

The toll system should start operating in the summer, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said on May 20 during an inspection on the repair works of the Plovdiv - Assenovgrad road. According to him, the system is planned to become operational in August, but a month or two delay is possible until it is clarified for which roads the charges would apply, reports BNT. 

95% of all Car Crashes in Bulgaria are due to Human Error

According to a national survey, nearly 2.5 million are active drivers in Bulgaria, and human factors are among the main causes of road accidents. It is therefore very important to explore the different groups of drivers, that are the main mistakes they make on the road and what has led to them.

Uber, Bolt and Clever launch online petition demanding fast ride-sharing regulation

The Coalition for Digital Economy, an independent organization that represents the major ride-sharing and e-hailing companies in Romania Uber, Bolt and Clever, launched the online petition #continuam, an initiative for everyone who wants modern urban transport services to continue working in Romania, the association said in a release.

Two Heavy Crashes Closed The Road To Danube Bridge 2

Two heavy crashes closed the road to Danube Bridge 2 between Montana and Vidin on Thursday evening. The traffic was blocked for hours and that led to huge traffic jams.

The first crash was between a truck and a minibus. Sacks of cream were poured from the truck. The lorry's cabin had to be cut to get the driver out. He was injured and taken to the Vidin hospital.

Bulgarian Government Postponed the Toll System For Heavy Trucks

Government postponed the heavy truck toll system for three months. This was decided by Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, the regional ministry and the heavy goods and bus carriers after an emergency meeting at the Council of Ministers. The system will come into force in November, and will be tested in real terms over the three months.