Piraeus becomes the biggest port in the Med in terms of container traffic

Piraeus is expected to be among the top four ports in Europe for 2019 in terms of container traffic, and the top in the Mediterranean, as Cosco-owned Piraeus Port Authority saw the unloading of the 5 millionth container to pass through the port this year, aptly from a Cosco ship.

Transport inspections are boosted to stop fare dodgers

Inspections are being increased on buses and trolley-buses in an attempt by the Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA) to boost revenues as transport authority data suggest that one in 20 people commute without a ticket.
Similar inspections are also being stepped up at Athens metro and ISAP electric railway stations to crack down on fare dodgers.

From 2022 New Cars in the EU Must Have “Smart" Speed Control Systems

From mid-2022, all new cars placed on the EU market will need to be equipped with advanced safety systems. Following the agreement reached in March with the European Parliament, the EU Council representing the Member States has adopted a regulation on the general safety of motor vehicles and the protection of passengers and vulnerable road users.

Fraport eyes new developments at Makedonia airport

Fraport Greece is considering implementing additional non-obligatory investments at Thessaloniki's Makedonia Airport, including the construction and operation of a hotel. The German-Greek consortium has completed most of the initial 450-million-euro investment program in the 14 regional airports it operates.

BGN 746.3 Million Is the Expected Revenue from Toll Taxes and E-Vignettes in 2020.

BGN 450 million is the estimated revenue in 2020 from toll taxes for the use of the national road network of heavy goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes and BGN 296.3 million from electronic vignettes. Thus, a total of BGN 746.3 million will be collected from fees for the use of the national road network network.