Transport in Thessaloniki

Greek airports see increase in arrivals in September

An overall increase of 11.4 percent in arrivals during the month of September was reported by Fraport at the 14 airports it manages across Greece.

According to Fraport, domestic passenger traffic increased by 5.9 percent year-over-year last month, while international passenger traffic rose 12.6 percent, with Thessaloniki, Mytilini and Kos seeing the largest increase.

Three injured in Thessaloniki accident

A collision between an automobile and an urban transit (OASTH) bus in the city center of Thessaloniki left three people injured Friday morning.

According to the fire brigade, six firefighters were dispatched to the scene and performed an extraction operation to save two people, the driver and a passenger, who were pinned inside the car. The third injury was a passenger on the bus.

Migration Minister points to uptick in arrivals via land border with Turkey

As the influx of undocumented migrants from neighboring Turkey across the Aegean continues unabated, increasing pressure on facilities on the islands that are already overcrowded, Migration Minister Yiannis Mouzalas has warned of an increase in arrivals from the Turkish land border too.

Court overrules gov't plan to renationalize Thessaloniki transport body

In the latest clash between the judiciary and the leftist-led government, the Council of State on Friday suspended a decision by the Transport Ministry to renationalize the Thessaloniki Urban Transport Organization (OASTH).

The ruling followed an appeal by shareholders in OASTH for plans to liquidate the company to be suspended.

OASTH starts out on bumpy road

There was a changing of the guard at the Thessaloniki Urban Transport Organization (OASTH) on Thursday but it appears that the denunciation of the government's decision to remove the existing board and bring the firm under public control isn't going to stop anytime soon.