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Brexit bill amendment to help non-EU businesspeople invest in Greece

An amendment facilitating investments by foreign entrepreneurs from non-EU countries was tabled in parliament on Tuesday.

The amendment is attached to the foreign ministry's draft law entitled "Regulations for the UK's withdrawal from the European Union" and introduces a new type of entry visa, the Airport Transit Visa (ATV).

PM Borissov Hopes that Bulgarians will be able to Travel to the US without Visa within a Year and a Half

In February or March, the Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs will visit Bulgaria to discuss the issue of The Visa Waiver Program with the United States. This was made clear during the meeting between Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and US Ambassador Herro Mustafa.

Dubious estate agents marring success of Golden Visa scheme

The performance and the reputation of the "Golden Visa" residence permit program in Greece are being tarnished by the presence of a number of companies that are of doubtful origin and solvency and have been active in the local market over the last couple of years despite lacking the necessary funds.

The Poles Will Now Be Able to Travel to the US Without Visas

Poland's citizens will be able to travel to the United States without a visa starting next week, Polish President Andrzej Duda said on Thursday. He added that the official announcement would be made later in Washington.

In his words, this is "important and good news" for the 37 million Poles and 10 million Poles in the United States.