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German embassy counters Turks’ visa challenges

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The German embassy in Ankara on June 6 announced that around 100,000 Schengen visas were issued in Türkiye in 2023, countering the recent difficulties faced by Turkish citizens when applying for visas.

Germany currently does not issue more visas to any country in the world than Türkiye, the statement released on the embassy's Twitter account emphasized.

Man unable to attend his own wedding due to visa problems

With the rising Schengen visa problems experienced by Turkish citizens, a Turkish man from Istanbul will be unable to attend his own wedding in Germany due to the rejection of his application, local media has reported.

Complaints about the Schengen visa, which is required for Turkish citizens to enter European Union member countries, have increased recently.

Turks applied for Schengen visa most in 2022


More than 700,000 Turkish citizens applied for Schengen visa in 2022, placing the country in the first place among the countries with the highest number of visa applications.

Türkiye surpassed Russia in the number of applications and pushed it back to second place for the first time in history, according to the Schengen Visa Statistics data released last week.

Russia denies US consular visit to jailed journalist

Moscow said Thursday it had denied an upcoming consular visit to detained US reporter Evan Gershkovich in retaliation for Washington not issuing visas to several Russian journalists.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov complained last weekend that the United States had denied visas to Russian journalists due to travel with him to the UN headquarters.