Tropical agriculture

Over 600,000 subsistence farmers own around 50 pct of agricultural area

Over 600,000 farmers in subsistence agriculture own around 50 pct of the agricultural area of the country, but achieve 10-15 pct of the agricultural production, said, on Tuesday, the chair of the Committee for Agriculture of the Chamber of Deputies, Adrian Chesnoiu. "Romania is a country that is divided in three categories, I am referring mainly to the vegetable agriculture area.

Economics Paradox: Bulgaria Imports More Tomatoes Than Bananas

Analysis, comparison and mirror data differences in foreign trade are the basis for an approach necessary for recovery, sustainability and development. The figures for exports, imports and balance of commodity exchange and trade in services y/y compared to those of neighbours, for example, are a key indicator. Looking carefully at the mirror difference between national data, e.g.

Romania cereal production in 2020,17 million tonnes, lower by 44% from 2019

The total production of Romanian grain cereal dropped this year to almost half from 2019, due to the prolonged drought which affected some agricultural areas in the country, reaching a bit over 17 million tonnes, according to the data supplied by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR), at the request of AGERPRES.

Swiss-Indian joint agri-food venture invests in Turkey

Pioneering Ventures, a Swiss-Indian food and technology platform company, is entering the Turkish market with its subsidiary DistriCo Anatolia.

Adopting technology-based agriculture such as hydroponic farming and smart greenhouses, the company's newly-established affiliate DistriCo Anatolia will introduce its flagship brand Happy Bananas to Turkey.

At Least 11 People Died, More than 300 Were Rushed to Hospitals after Drinking Home-Made Coconut Wine on a Christmas Party

Authorities regularly issue warnings that the drinking should be avoided.

At least 11 people have died and more than 300 were rushed to hospitals after drinking home-made coconut wine on Christmas celebrations in the Philippines.

Indonesia has Тhreatened to Impose Higher Duties on EU Dairy Products

The Indonesian Ministry of Commerce has threatened to impose higher tariffs on EU dairy products in response to the proposed measure by the bloc on palm oil biodiesel, the BTA quoted France as saying.

The warning could exacerbate the trade dispute between the EU and Indonesia, which is the world's largest producer of palm oil. The EU plans to reduce palm oil-based biofuels by 2030.

Indonesia Declares a Trade War to the European Union

Indonesia, which is the largest producer of palm oil, plans to raise the import duties on dairy products from EU countries to 8-18 percent.

The intention of raising the tariffs was announced by the Minister of Commerce of the Asian country Enggartiasto Lukita. The measure is in response to the Union's plan to impose similar duties on Indonesian palm oil biodiesel, he added.