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EU keeps the COVID Travel Certificate for another Year

The European digital COVID certificate will be used for another year to travel from one country to another. The European Parliament and member states agreed on this late Monday.

Legislation to introduce the document was due to expire on June 30, but due to the ongoing pandemic, it was proposed to extend it until June 30, 2023, said the French presidency of the Council of the EU.

Tourism Minister: It is important for our tourism that the fully vaccinated do not need a negative test

A very important development for Greek tourism is characterized by the competent minister Vassilis Kikilias, via Twitter, the amendment of the air directive that fully vaccinated travelers from USA, Australia, Canada do not need to show a negative COVID test to travel to Greece.

Which vaccination certificates expire tomorrow – What does it mean for those who have not taken the third dose?

Tomorrow, Monday, February 7, expires the small extension in the validity of the vaccination certificate, which was given due to the severe weather front that hit Greece. This means that the adults who have completed their vaccination seven months ago, should have taken the booster dose, otherwise from tomorrow they will be considered unvaccinated.

Older Certificates with two Doses will be Valid only in Bulgaria

The European digital covid certificates for vaccination of 93 thousand Bulgarians expire on February 1 and will not be valid when traveling in the EU, the Ministry of Health announced. Gradually, this number will expand with the first vaccinated in early 2021.

From Feb 1: Covid Certificates of over 93,000 Bulgarian Citizens will not be Valid in the EU