Tropical diseases

Health Ministry calls for implementation of mosquito control measures

The Health Ministry has sent a circular to regional authorities across the country asking them to initiate their annual mosquito control programs, calling for particular attention to be paid in areas where there have been outbreaks of malaria and West Nile virus in previous years.

Bigger is not always deadlier-Top 10 killers of humans (pics)

Every one knows that dogs are a human being’s best friend. But an look into the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) data might might turn that perception on its head. According to the findings, our canine friends are included in the top five animals that kill the most people! The list of creatures that kill the highest rate of human beings has some surprise entries too.

Doctor dies of malaria contracted during UN mission

A doctor from Serbia's military clinic VMA has died from a grave form of malaria she contracted as a member of a UN mission in Central African Republic.

Olivera Jovanovic was admitted to the Clinic for Infective and Tropical Diseases on July 6 in a serious conditions and exhibiting signs of multiple organ failure, the Ministry of Defense announced on Tuesday.

New Ebola trial vaccine 'safe': researchers

The latest in a string of candidate vaccines against the deadly Ebola virus was proven safe in an early trial in healthy adults in China, its developers said Wednesday.
But while it triggered an antibody response in test subjects, further trials must be held to establish whether the drug actually protects against Ebola, they said.