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Slovenia is now on England’s green travel list

London – Late on Wednesday, the British government updated its entry requirements and placed several countries, including Slovenia, on the green list. As of Sunday morning, travellers from Slovenia will only need a negative Covid test to enter England, regardless of the person’s vaccination status, foreign news agencies report.

Vaccination Consultant: Have a Jab before It Is Too Late

The last Covid-free month has elapsed. 393 new cases of infection were registered this morning. There are 20 days before the number of new infections rises considerably. It is highly recommendable that people get vaccinated within these 20 days, advised Prof. Todor Kantardzhiev, consultant on vaccination process with Sofia city council.

Arrivals to UK from US and EU Exempt from Quarantine, PCR Tests

UK introduced new rules related to arrivals from different countries. As of 1 August all vaccinated arrivals from US and EU excluding France may enter UK without quarantine which was mandatory until now, BBC elaborated. The UK government confirmed that the change will help to reunite family and friends whose loved ones live abroad.

Covid certificate mandatory for entering Slovenia as of 15 July

Ljubljana – Slovenia will tighten rules on the border starting on 15 July, as the colour-coded lists of countries will be cast aside in favour of the requirement that passengers who wish to enter the country will need to have a Covid certificate showing they have been vaccinated, tested or have recovered from coronavirus, regardless of where they come from.

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Transportation: What changes from tomorrow, July 5

The joint ministerial decision was published in the Official Government Gazette concerning the measures that will be in force from tomorrow, July 5, until July 12, regarding the transportation to the islands, the regulations for the operation of the public and the private sector, as well as the entrance to the entertainment venues.