Tropical diseases

Russian Consumer Safety Agency Monitors Novel Disease X Detected in Africa

The Russian consumer safety watchdog follows the information about outbreaks of new infectious diseases, and particularly monitors the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo after reports on Disease X, the Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare told TASS on Sunday.

COVID Vaccination Coordination Committee: Prompt remedy required for delay of scheduled vaccination

The potential delay for reasons other than medical of the vaccination of the persons who have been scheduled to receive the Covid jab - in other words of persons who have clearly expressed their intention to vaccinate and who have made a considerable effort in this regard - requires prompt remediation, according to the powers and responsibilities of each institution involved, the National COVID

New Ebola Outbreak in Congo

Up to 12 people have been found infected with Ebola in a new outbreak of the deadly disease in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday.

A week ago, authorities reported six infections in the northwestern city of Mbandaka, saying they appeared to be separate from another outbreak of the virus that has raged in the east since 2018.

No deaths, just five new Covid-19 cases reported

The Health Ministry on Friday reported five new cases of Covid-19, of which four have been traced to an infected individual and one to travel abroad.

There have been no deaths attributed to Covid-19 in the past 24 hours, the ministry added in its daily briefing on the course of the virus in Greece, confirming the toll at 175.

Dr Gligic: "If we all kissed and spat on each other, it wouldn't be like this" VIDEO

"The most important thing was to find out how it was transmitted, because at the beginning, it was said that it was by droplets. It was strange to me that there were 1.000 cases a day and I said - if we all kissed and spat on each other, it wouldn't be like this," says Dr Ana Gligic, who stopped "smallpox epidemic" about 50 years ago.

A mysterious disease, affecting children in Europe, associated with COVID-19

However, dozens of similar cases have been reported in other European countries, Great Britain and the United States, London's Sky News reported.
A 14-year-old boy from a group of infected children died of the disease at a children's hospital in London last month, and similar cases have been reported in other European countries.

Remdesivir - Not Effective for Coronavirus Patients

There were hopes that treatment with remdesivir could treat Covid-19.

The search for a cure for the coronavirus across the ocean continues to debate which drug helps and which doesn't. Remdesivir's first tests show that the drug which is used to treat Ebola infected does not offer treatment for COVID-19. Until now, it was thought that it could help fight the epidemic.

The grand illusion: Local solutions for global problems

In the summer of 430 BCE, a ship from Egypt arrived in Piraeus with an uninvited guest on board: "the plague." The symptoms of this yet-to-be-identified disease - hypotheses range from typhoid fever to viral hemorrhagic fever - are described by the historian Thucydides, who was infected and survived.