Woman forces mugger to get naked! (photos+video-warning graphic images!)

A video shows the moment a woman taunts and humiliates her would be mugger forcing him to strip naked in the Colombian capital city Bogota. In the video, which was uploaded on liveleaks and received over 20,000 views in a matter of a short while, the woman can be seen taunting the man who pleads on his knees to her.

Take off your pants for a ‘No Pants Subway Ride’ (pics+vid)

Hundreds of people were spotted travelling on Sunday with no trousers on as a part of the ‘No Pants Subway Ride’ day.

The 15th Annual No Pants subway Ride kicked off at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday and participants all over the world were seeing hopping on the subway without wearing trousers.

Penisgate: Yes, it happened to Lenny Kravitz… the dick slip (pics + vid)

During a Stockholm concert, Lenny Kravitz penis fell out of his skin-tight pants – immortalized by cell phones. His skin-tight leather pants ripped, revealing his vital assets. Lenny’s reaction: “Sorry, I ripped my trousers.”

Now we know that Lenny wears no underpants!

Latest men’s fashion craze … ‘anti-ball crushing pants’!

Finally! Pants / trousers / slacks that are … men friendly! And by “men friendly”, manufacturers mean “roomy” for … male genitalia.

Enter Lululemon’s “ABC” men’s pants, which are turning out to be amongst the company’s best selling items.

ABC doesn’t involve the alphabet, by the way, but the term “anti-ball crushing”, as in testicles.