Romanian Police Find 48 Migrants on Truck with Bulgarian Driver

Romanian police discovered 48 Iraqi migrants in a truck at the border with Bulgaria, AP reports.

The truck driver was Bulgarian and showed police documents to claim he was driving a load of chocolate to Hungary and did not now migrants were inside.

Hungary was also the destination reported by the migrants, 22 men, 9 women and 17 minors.

Fuel Tanker Hangs off Bridge on Bulgaria's Hemus Motorway

A fuel tanker has overturned on the Hemus motorway near Sofia with the truck cabin hanging from the edge of a bridge over Vitinya pass, bTV station reported on Thursday.

According to initial information, the trailer contains 20 tonnes of fuel which is being drained by firefighters to prevent a potential explosion.

Truck carrying chemicals overturns near Thessaloniki

A truck with Bulgarian license plates overturned on the Egnatia Highway, near the junction for Thessaloniki, early on Wednesday, shedding large quantities of hospital supplies including chemicals onto the road surface.

The truck driver, who lost control of his vehicle under circumstances that remained unclear, was hospitalized for treatment to minor injuries.

Safety regulations questioned after truck hits Istanbul overpass

Questions have been raised over the safety regulations regarding trucks following a Sept. 3 accident in which a truck hit an overpass in Istanbul, killing one person.

Although is a defined standard for the operation of dump trucks, according to the Standards Institute (TSE), primary bodies that check the vehicles before they hit the road fail to follow these regulations.