Dozens of People Enter the Cold Waters to Celebrate Epiphany Breaking the Anti-Covid Rules

Dozens of men set foot in the waters of Tundzha river in Kalofer for the traditional ritual of saving the cross, and to play the famous male ethnic dance of the Epiphany.

Due to the pandemic, there was no official organization, but many people gathered to follow tradition. Law enforcement forces tried to stop the dance, but it still happened.

South America native coypu floating in Edirne rivers

A semi-aquatic, rat-like creature has been spotted in Turkey's northwestern province of Edirne far from its native South America.

Farmers in Edirne complain that coypu, considered an invasive species, have come to the region through the Maritsa and Tundzha rivers when Bulgarian officials opened reservoir gates due to flooding risk.

Child Drowned in the Tundzha River

A child drowned in the Tundzha River near Maritsa Street in Yambol, informs the police. The signal was filed on July 10 at 18.10.

Police teams and the fire brigade were immediately sent to the site. In the search actions carried out last night, the body of the child was not found.

The search continues with the participation of a diving team from Burgas.

Intensive Rainfall will Flood whole Bulgaria Today

Cyclone Nefeli is now in our country. Over the country the rainfall will continue throughout the day, with the most intense being expected to be in Central, Southeastern Bulgaria and the mountains.

That's why a dangerous weather code has been declared over the country. The 11 areas, where the code is orange, are expected to be 40 to 65 liters per square meter, Nova said.

Tundja River Flooded Part of the Park in Elhovo

Part of the park in Elhovo is flooded by the river Tundzha, said Mayor Petar Kirov. The municipality and the police restricted the access of people and cars to the area. There is no danger to the city's population.

The spill has flooded agricultural and forest lands near Trankovo, Kirilovo, Izgrev and Elhovo. There are no disasters or injured farmers or domestic animals.