In Turkey

Göktürk-1 marks 7 years in space

Göktürk-1 satellite has completed 37,378 orbits around the Earth and has captured 82,913 images so far, the Defense Ministry has announced celebrating its seventh year in space.

Göktürk-1 satellite, often hailed as "our eye in the sky" in Türkiye, reached this milestone by circling the Earth uninterruptedly since its launch on Dec. 5, 2016.

Two top courts at loggerheads

The Supreme Court of Appeals has decided to file criminal complaints against members of the Constitutional Court over a profound disagreement on the case of imprisoned Workers' Party of Türkiye (TİP) lawmaker Can Atalay, in a first and unprecedented legal dispute in the history of the Turkish judiciary.

G20 Summit kicks off in India

This year's G20 Summit, being held under the main theme of "One Earth, One Family, One Future," has kicked off on Sept. 9 with the official welcoming ceremony also attended by President Erdoğan.

The G20 leaders participating in the summit were welcomed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India at the Bharat Mandapam convention center. 

Ankara talks pivotal for way forward

The meeting of the Greek and Turkish foreign ministers, George Gerapetritis and Hakan Fidan, next week in Ankara will be a test run for the next steps that will lead (or not) to a procedure for the drafting of an agreement to refer the Greek-Turkish maritime zone dispute to the International Court of Justice in The Hague.