In Turkey

No survivors of firefighting plane crash in southern Turkey

A firefighting plane linked to Turkey's General Directorate of Forestry crashed in the southern province of Kahramanmaraş on Aug. 14, killing all eight people on board.


Contact was lost with the plane which had been rented from Russia to help Turkey's efforts to contain a forest fire in Kahramanmaraş, Governor Ömer Faruk Coşkun told Anadolu Agency.

Police detain 148 people after Syrian shops attacked

Turkish police detained 148 people in connection with attacks on homes and businesses believed to be owned by Syrian migrants in Ankara's Altındağ neighborhood.


The incidents broke out late on Aug. 11 in response to a fight between locals and migrants in which an 18-year-old Turkish man was stabbed to death.

Turkey to send two firefighting aircraft to Greece

Turkey will send two aircraft to Greece in a bid to support its neighbor's efforts in tackling the devastating wildfires that have erupted across the country for the past week.


Ankara will provide aircraft to Greece as forest fires in Turkey have mostly been brought under control, the agriculture and forestry minister said on Aug. 9.

4 children killed in Syrian regime attack on Idlib

Four children were killed on Aug. 7 and five others injured in shelling by the Bashar al-Assad regime and Iran-affiliated terror groups, in breach of a truce in northwestern Idlib de-escalation zone, according to the Syria Civil Defense.


Regime forces stationed in the Jurin area of northwestern Hama violated the cease-fire by shelling villages.