Turkish coup d'état attempt

Turkish justice minister says 32,000 arrested in post-coup attempt probes, new courts may be built

Turkey may have to build new courthouses to cope with thousands of prosecutions following the failed July 15 coup attempt, Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ said on Sept. 28, as the number of arrests reached 32,000. 

Junking Turkey

Everyone agrees that if the coup attempt on July 15 had succeeded, Turkey's economy would have gone into a tailspin. The steps taken by the government under its "emergency rule," however, also appear to be achieving the same result. 

Turkish Security Services Draft New List of 20,000 Suspected Gulen Supporters

Turkish security services have prepared a new list of 20,000 people who are suspected of being members of the organisation of Fethullah Gulen.

The list has been drafted on the basis of the ByLock application. The authorities claim that the application was used for communication by the members of the so-called Fethullahist terrorist organisation.