Turkish coup d'état attempt

NATO warns migrant routes to EU could change

The number of migrants and refugees crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey into Europe is falling significantly but people smugglers can rapidly change routes and authorities must not reduce their security efforts prematurely, the head of NATO said on April 21, praising Turkey's efforts to break the business model of traffickers.

Turkish General Staff rejects accusations of coup plans

The Turkish General Staff has categorically denied allegations that some members of the military allegedly linked to the Fethullah Gülen movement were planning a coup d'état, underlining it has launched a legal action against unspecified media outlets over reports it said were damaging morale, as Turkey faces an almost unprecedented combination of national security threats. 

US orders diplomatic, military families out of south Turkey

The State Department and Pentagon ordered the families of U.S. diplomats and military personnel on March 29 to leave posts in southern Turkey due to security fears.

The two agencies said dependents of American staffers at the U.S. consulate in Adana, the Incirlik air base and two other locations must leave.