Turkish cuisine

Nigerian chef-to-be to represent Turkish cuisine in Canada

Abosede Ruth, a 25-year-old Nigerian national, has been enrolled in a culinary school in the southeastern province of Gaziantep for four months.

She is planning to open a restaurant in Canada after completing the eight-month training and an eight-month internship program.

"I love cooking and tasting. I want to be a big chef and I want to open a restaurant in Canada," she said.

Famous Adana kebab launched into space, reaches stratosphere

A kebab chef in the southern province of Adana has attempted to send a dish of "boru kebabı," roughly called "pipe kebab," into space with a weather balloon, which exploded in the stratosphere after a three-hour flight and fell into the Mediterranean Sea.

"I am a man who likes to make firsts," Yaşar Aydın told Demirören News Agency on April 12.

DW: Why is Bulgaria So Dirty?

The travelers around our lands probably feel as if they found themselves in a hospital room of a patient with depressive disorder: the bed is unmade, a musty bowl of yogurt by the window, flies buzzing around the chamber pot. Any doctor will tell you: one of the signs of depression is the loss of desire to keep things around you tidy.

Ministry lists best 10 mezes in Turkish cuisine

Turkey's Culture and Tourism Ministry has introduced a list of top 10 appetizers along with delights of Turkish cuisine, gastronomic routes and must-visit restaurants on its official GoTurkey website.

Introducing Turkey's tourism and cultural diversity to the world, the website has started to feature the richness of Turkish cuisine to let visitors get the authentic taste of Turkey.

Go Turkey guides tourists to culinary delights

Turkey's Culture and Tourism Ministry offered information on Jan. 25 related to the delights of Turkish cuisine, gastronomical routes and outstanding restaurants on the Go Turkey website. 

The ministry began including the richness of Turkish cuisine on the website, which introduces Turkey's tourism and cultural richness.