Turkish Cypriots

Greek,Turkish MPs discuss prospect of talks on Aegean, Cyprus’ natural gas

The ruling SYRIZA party appears poised to pursue a resolution of Greek-Turkish disputes based on the model of the Greece-North Macedonia Prespa agreement, as was indicated in the statements of its MPs at a meeting today of the sub-committees of the Nato Parliamentary Assembly.

Cyprus accuses Turkish forces of new violation of line of occupation

As ethnically split Cyprus' rival leaders prepare to meet in hopes of finding a way to revitalize reunification talks, the country's foreign ministry has said that Turkish forces in the breakaway north are throwing up new impediments for Greek Cypriots living in a village abutting a British military base.

Extensive Turkish exercise viewed as show of force

In what has been described as a show of force to Greece and Cyprus, Turkey's navy is preparing to hold its biggest ever exercises according to Turkey's state-run Anadolu news agency. 

The "Blue Homeland" exercise, with the participation of frigates, destroyers and fighter jets, will take place in the Black Sea, the Aegean and the Mediterranean between February 27 and March 8. 

Cypriot UK bases court jails man for people trafficking bid

A court within the British military bases in Cyprus has sentenced a Palestinian man to six months in prison after finding him guilty of trying to illegally bring two men into a base from the island's Turkish Cypriot breakaway north.

A bases statement said Thursday that Mohammed Aljaro was arrested as he tried to drive through a checkpoint last month.