Turkish Riviera

Adventurers fly over Turkish riviera with breathtaking shows

Ölüdeniz, a perfect destination in the Turkish riviera for nature lovers with its magnificent scenery, turquoise glassy sea, and blue eco-friendly beaches, hosts parachute 2,000 jumpers from all over the world to celebrate the International Air Games Festival and to fly over the world-famous Blue Lagoon as well.

Turkey’s golf scene emerging as tourism opportunity

Turkey's Culture and Tourism Ministry has shared photos of the golf courses across the country on its Go Turkey website, as it seeks to make the sport a draw for foreign tourists.

"Golf resorts in Türkiye was designed by world-renowned golf course designers. You should visit golf centers where diversity and trails will provide you a unique experience," the website said.

The mysterious tracks of the Mediterranean

From Faralya in Fethiye to Antalya, the Lycian Way never fails to astound the traveler. Boasting some of Turkey's most impressive scenery, the Lycian Way - a flagged trekking route that is the brainchild of English explorer Kate Clow -connects 23 cities from the Lycian civilization along southwest Anatolia's Mediterranean coast.

Over 1 mln Turks flock to touristic destinations during long public holiday

Nearly 1 million Turkish people went on holiday during a 10-day public holiday, which started late on Aug. 25 and ended on Sept. 3, creating more than 1 billion Turkish Liras ($292 million) of tourism revenue, according to tourism players. 

Hotel occupancy rates hit 100 percent in many tourism resorts.