Democracy Digest: How ‘Honest’ Is Donald Tusk’s Memoir?

Tusk himself ups the ante in the introduction to the book, published (in Polish) at the end of last year by media giant Agora.

"When I told Herman Van Rompuy, the former prime minister of Belgium and my predecessor, that I am sending my notes from the last years to a publisher, he scratched his head: 'Why are you doing that? It's very risky, you will regret it.'"

Centre-right European Bloc Nears Decision on Hungary’s Fidesz

Newly elected as president of Europe's largest political bloc, the centre-right European People's Party, EPP, Donald Tusk said on Thursday that a group of 'wise men' looking at the currently suspended membership of Hungary's ruling Fidesz party would present its findings by the end of the year.

Donald Tusk: UK Will Become a "Second-Rate Player" after Brexit

Britain will lose its influence in the world and become a "second-rate player" after leaving the EU, said Donald Tusk, quoted by Reuters.

Proponents of Brexit point out that the UK is the fifth largest economy in the world and argue that leaving the EU will open up new opportunities in world trade.

Tusk: I kept saying that Russia was a strategic problem - I was labeled a monomaniac

"I had to publicly remind others, almost every week, that Russia is not our 'strategic partner', but our 'strategic problem'," the outgoing EU Council President said. "I was even labeled a 'monomaniac', for being so focused on this subject", Tusk said speaking at the College of Europe in Bruges, as reported by Russian News Agency Tass.

#Romania2019.eu/ European Council President Tusk: I simply fell in love with Sibiu

European Council President Donald Tusk stated on Thursday in Sibiu that he fell in love with this city which hosted the informal summit of the EU heads of state and government. "I simply fell in love with Sibiu," Tusk stated in Romanian, at the joint press conference held with President Kalus Iohannis and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.