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Putin orders weekend truce in Ukraine, Kiev won't take part

The impact of Russian President Vladimir Putin's order for his forces in Ukraine to observe a unilateral, 36-hour cease-fire was in doubt on Jan. 6 after Kyiv officials dismissed the move as a ploy but didn't clarify whether Ukrainian troops would follow suit.

Moscow also didn't say whether it would hit back if Ukraine kept fighting.

"The end of war is not in sight. Putin showed us two things"

Shallenberg, in his address to the foreign policy committee of the Austrian Parliament, said that after the new escalation, it became clear that a peaceful solution is further than ever.
He also pointed out that a solution can only be reached at the negotiating table, adding that it is dangerous to reject a request for a truce as a ridiculous thing.

The end? Putin will not sign the end of partial mobilization

This was stated by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, as reported by Russian media.
As a reminder, Putin said last week at the Summit in Astana that the mobilization process is expected to be stopped in the next two weeks.
"222.000 of the 300.000 have been mobilized, the process will be completed within two weeks," the Russian president said at the time.

The war in Ukraine: New attacks; Explosions in Kyiv and Lviv? Emergency evacuation

A five-story residential building was hit in the shelling of Mykolaiv by Russian forces, Mayor Oleksandr Senkevich announced.
According to him, the upper two floors of the building were completely destroyed, reports Ukrinform. Rescuers are on the ground.

Zelensky's address on Telegram Grossi repeated the request for the demilitarization of Zaporizhzhia