DeSantis has launched relatively simple messages that correspond with the general preferences of the right-wing spectrum of the electorate. However, the question was raised whether it was wise to choose Twitter as a platform and its owner, Elon Musk, as an interlocutor for the launch of the presidential campaign.

Musk says will tweet regardless of business blowback

Elon Musk on May 16 said a new Twitter chief executive will let him devote more time to Tesla, but that he will continue to tweet his unfiltered thoughts even if it hurts his businesses.

"I don't care," the billionaire said during a CNBC interview when asked what he thought of his controversial tweets potentially hurting Tesla shares or making it harder to sell ads on Twitter.

Vučić was urgently admitted to the hospital

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui, was urgently admitted to the hospital, but not to the VMA, according to the media.
As reported by the media, opposition sympathizers published a series of tweets on social networks today in which they stated that President Vui had urgently ended at the VMA and added that it happened "the second time in twenty days".

Media: The opposition wishes for death, that solves their problem PHOTO

According to reports, Vidakovi was already in custody due to statements that threatened the safety of the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui.
In a post on the Twitter social network, this persona spreads misinformation about Vui's state of health, referring to sources from the Military Medical Academy (MMA), according to

Printskrin: Twitter

Views of Kosovo Women Often Unheard on TV, Attacked Online

On Twitter, Avdiu was mentioned in 334 comments within 24 hours of the T7 post - 55 per cent contained sexual content, 30 per cent constituted harassment, and only two per cent were supportive. Analysis showed that only one of the Twitter accounts was fake; the rest were real.

And Avdiu is not alone.

Zana Avdiu, a women's rights activist. Photo: Courtesy of Zana Avdiu.