Two-round system

Locked Votes: Six Bulgarian Villages Await Round Three for Mayor!

In a rather unique turn of events following Sunday's local election runoff in Bulgaria, six villages across the country failed to elect a mayor in the second round, leading to new partial local elections. Among these villages is Cherna Gora in the Pernik district, where a perfect tie in votes occurred, leaving the decision to the president to schedule new elections.

Elections in Bulgaria: Around 5,900 Polling Stations will Vote by Machine on Sunday

As Bulgaria gears up for the crucial second round of local elections on Sunday, an estimated 5,900 polling stations are poised to introduce machine voting. The Central Elections Commission (CEC) has been working diligently to ensure the successful implementation of this technology, with discussions and collaborations involving multiple institutions.

Over 54 mln dropped votes in nearly 200,000 ballot boxes

More than 54 million people on May 14 dropped their votes in over 197,000 ballot boxes set up across the country for the presidential runoff elections.

Though the voting process ended at 5 p.m., citizens waiting to cast ballots at polling booths during the deadline voted in turns under the supervision of attendants.

Voting ends in overseas representations

Voting ended at the diplomatic missions abroad on May 24 for the presidential election runoff, slated for May 28 at home, while citizens abroad can still cast their votes at border gates.

The Supreme Election Council (YSK) has reinstalled ballot boxes at 167 points in 151 representative offices across 73 countries for the runoff election.

Voting opens in France runoff between Macron and Le Pen

France began voting in a presidential runoff election Sunday in a race between between incumbent Emmanuel Macron and far-right politician Marine Le Pen.

Macron is in pole position to win reelection in the country's presidential runoff, yet his lead over Le Pen depends on one major uncertainty: voters who could decide to stay home.