Types of democracy

How much ground has democracy lost in recent years?

In China 30 years ago an audacious public protest in the capital's central square pushed the country's autocrats to the brink, and when the Soviet Union imploded, the ruling party's most relentless critic became Russia's president and dominant political figure. Ascendant America had no serious rival. In Europe, West welcomed East.

The Economist Democracy Index: Bulgaria ahead of 4 Countries in the EU

Our country is 46th out of 167 countries "Democracy in ... dies!" Or "Victory of democracy in ...". Every day in world media and social networks there are generalizations about trends and events in one or another country. Where do we judge whether they are true or not?


As Executive Head of the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF), Annika Savill manages a UN Secretary-General's Trust Fund that strengthens the voice of civil society, promote the rule of law and human rights, and encourage the participation of all groups in democratic processes.

In joint article in Kathimerini, presidents Pavlopoulos and Steinmeier call for more unity in Europe

This is already our second meeting in Athens as our countries' heads of state. This place compares to no other in Europe with regard to our deep, common roots, which extend far beyond relations between Germany and Greece. Today's Europe would be inconceivable without the Greek legacy or without the Athenian democracy of Pericles.

Sick phenomenon

Greece has witnessed many periods of intense polarization during its history. However, it has never before reached the point where government ministers issue statements with such over-the-top or vulgar content.

Their habit of targeting the news media, judicial officials and political opponents has simply overstepped the mark.