"Putin's goal is to erase the identity of Ukraine"

"This war is an attack not only on Ukraine, but on the international rules-based order that seeks to defend international peace and stability, and uphold, in the words of the United Nations Charter, "the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small", Blinken pointed out at a virtual panel session on "A Just and Lasting Peace in Ukraine", ahead of tomorrow's opening of the second

Ukrainian authorities announced: Russian drones destroyed

The wreckage caused a fire at a non-residential building, and there were no casualties in this attack.
The head of the military administration of the city of Kyiv, Sergei Popko, reported that Russia had launched 12 drones towards Kyiv, but that Ukrainian air defense forces had identified and destroyed "all enemy targets" in the airspace around the capital, reports Reuters.

The Countries for Collective Purchase of Ammunition are Now 24 - Bulgaria is Not Among Them

The number of countries participating in the European Defense Agency (EDA) coordinated munitions collective purchase project announced a week ago has reached 24.

Among them are 23 countries from the European Union and Norway. Bulgaria does not participate.

At the end of last week, five more countries joined the original 18 countries:

IMF and Ukraine reach $15.6 billion loan agreement

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said on March 21 it has reached agreement with Ukrainian authorities on a loan package worth around $15.6 billion, to support the conflict-hit country's economic recovery.

The European country has been locked in a deadly war with Russian troops since they invaded the country in February last year.