Two years after Russian invasion, Greece struggles with ‘Ukraine fatigue’

On a bleak anniversary for Europe, the day that marks two years since the Russian invasion on Ukrainian soil, crowds of Greek supporters of Ukraine's fight for freedom gathered in the city centers of Athens and Thessaloniki, expressing their continuous support and solidarity for the Ukrainian cause.

Anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine

Two years have elapsed since the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine, on February 24, 2022, inflicting inconceivable suffering on the country's people. Today, our thoughts are with all those who lost their lives, family members, friends and homes. But also with all those brave Ukrainian men and women who stand up against the Russian aggressors.

Politico: After the fall of Avdiivka, the West must prevent the collapse of Ukraine

This is written by the American publication Politico, referring to some congressmen and officials.
"Now the plan, as eight US lawmakers and five foreign officials have stated or complained in interviews, is simply to prevent the collapse of the Ukrainian military, Politico reports.