Ukraine–European Union relations

Bulgarian Parliament Speaker Affirms Support for Ukraine's EU Accession

Rosen Zhelyazkov, the Speaker of Bulgaria's National Assembly, conveyed Bulgaria's staunch backing for Ukraine's accession to the European Union during a speech delivered to members of the Verkhovna Rada in Kyiv. Zhelyazkov emphasized that Ukraine's integration into the EU is not only a geopolitical choice but also a shared aspiration that Bulgaria fervently advocates.

EU agrees on 50 billion-euro aid package to Ukraine

The leaders of the 27 European Union countries sealed a deal on Feb. 1 to provide Ukraine with a new 50-billion-euro ($54 billion) support package despite Hungary's weeks of threats to veto the move.

European Council President Charles Michel announced the agreement about only an hour into the leaders' summit in Brussels.

EU Nations, Including Bulgaria, Seek Customs Duties on Ukrainian Grain Imports!

Five European Union countries, including Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia, are urging the European Commission to impose customs duties on grain imports from Ukraine. The move is prompted by concerns of unfair competition and its impact on domestic producers.

Factbox: Candidates to join the European Union

European Union leaders agreed on Thursday to start accession talks with EU candidates Ukraine and Moldova while granting formal candidate status to Georgia.

Accession talks themselves could take a decade or longer. Below is a list of countries hoping to one day become members of the EU, and their formal status:


Austria-Hungary is "rising from the grave"; Don't worry, it will only last 50 years

Given that Hungary is holding 50 billion euros in aid to Ukraine and as a hostage for that country's accession to the EU, Vienna, its critics claim, is using the impasse to push its priorities behind the scenes, ignoring the urgency of the situation in Kyiv.

Day "D" for Zelensky

According to Index, it is about the fact that today in Brussels, a decision is being made on Ukraine's negotiations for EU membership, which is strongly opposed by one member of the Union - Hungary.