Ukrainian crisis

EU approves 11th sanctions package against Russia over Ukraine

European Union governments agreed on Wednesday to an 11th package of sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, aimed at stopping other countries and companies from circumventing existing measures.

The new package, tweeted by Sweden as EU president, forbids transit via Russia of an expanded list of goods and technology which might aid Russia's military or security sector.

The end of the war? "Ukraine doesn't stand a chance"

The long-announced Ukrainian counter-offensive has been underway for several days, and the US, Great Britain, Denmark and the Netherlands are sending hundreds of missiles to Ukraine. At the same time, NATO defense ministers are discussing in Brussels the continuation of the support that the allies have been providing to Ukraine for months.

Russian general killed?

Russian General and Chief of Staff of the 35th Combined Arms Army, Sergei Goryachev, was reportedly killed Monday in a Ukrainian missile attack, near the Velyka Novosilka front in southwest Donetsk district.
Goryachev began the invasion of Ukraine as commander of the 5th Separate Tank Brigade and was only recently promoted to Chief of Staff of the 35th.