Ukrainian refugee crisis

Absent an Integration Policy, Poland Offers Patchy Support to Ukrainian Refugees

Like many other Ukrainian refugees, upon arriving in Warsaw Iryna and her daughter were quickly hosted by a Polish family. But, as it was in many cases, the offer for housing was only short term, so mother and child had to move to another home, then a third one, all within one month of reaching Poland.

Caritas Slovenia raised over EUR 3m for Ukraine so far

Ljubljana – Caritas Slovenia has so far raised more than EUR 3 million in aid for Ukraine in what is the biggest humanitarian campaign dedicated to a foreign country in Slovenia’s history. The organisation, which has so far sent 20 shipments totalling 283 tonnes of aid to the war-stricken country, notes that the situation there calls for more and more help.

Bulgaria: Deputy PM Apologized to the Ukrainians Insulted by her Video Address

The Deputy Prime Minister for Effective Governance Kalina Konstantinova today in the National Assembly apologized to the Ukrainian refugees for her video address, in which she announced the termination of the plan to move them from hotels on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast inland:

Bulgaria: The Refugee Center in Elhovo is Closing, Ukrainians are Heading Inland

The refugee center in Elhovo is closing, and all accommodated refugees from Ukraine will be taken today by buses to hotels and resorts in the interior of the country, BTV reports. Six buses will transport 220 refugees from the war to hotels in the resorts of Pamporovo, Borovets and the Stara Zagora Mineral Baths.

Ukrainians have Stirred Up the Rental Market in Bulgaria

Most brokers, who have been active in renting housing to Ukrainian refugees since the beginning of the war, no longer have free accommodations to offer. At the same time, the demand for rental property remains stable on the part of Ukrainians. However, there is often a mismatch between the budget they have prepared and what they want to rent for it.