Ukrainian refugee crisis

After the Refugees Fiasco in Varna: Just Say if You Don’t Want Help, Don’t Waste Resources

Although most of the Ukrainian refugees accommodated in hotels in Varna and the region asked to leave and asked the state to provide them with shelter, they did not want to leave their hotels. This reluctance of the refugees to comply with the request of the state and the effort to provide them with shelter surprised the chairwoman of the State Agency for Refugees Mariana Tosheva.

Bulgaria: By the End of May 7,000 Ukrainian Refugees will be Moved from Varna to other Cities

Nearly 7,000 Ukrainian refugees will be relocated from resorts near Varna inland from May 28th to 31st by rail.

The survey of refugees and the organization of logistics with the specific places where they will be accommodated are currently underway. This was said by Blagomir Kotsev, regional governor of Varna region during a briefing.

Half of Bulgarian Hotels will let Ukrainian Refugees Stay for the Foreseeable Future

More than 23,000 beds in accommodations registered with the National Tourist Register have already been included in the new humanitarian program for the accommodation of Ukrainian refugees. In just two days, the percentage of applicants from hotels who have currently accommodated people with temporary protection has increased from 30 to 50%.

About 100,000 Refugees remain in Bulgaria

"297,000 Ukrainian citizens have entered Bulgaria, about 100,000 people are still on Bulgarian territory," Mariana Tosheva, chairwoman of the State Agency for Refugees, told BNT.

According to her, this is a completely normal ratio compared to other European countries. The last ten days have seen a trend of entry and exit in Ukraine.

About 48 million Euros from the EU will be Directed to Ukrainian Refugees in Bulgaria

About 48 million euros of the 148 million euros Bulgaria received from the European Union will be directed to Ukrainian refugees in our country. This was commented by the Deputy Prime Minister for Effective Governance Kalina Konstantinova during a discussion at the House of Europe on the topic "The Road ahead for Ukrainian Refugees in Europe and in Bulgaria", quoted by BTA.

9 Countries, including Bulgaria, will ask for Help from the EU for the Refugees from Ukraine

The Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the three Baltic states will seek financial assistance from the European Union for the care of Ukrainian refugees, according to a statement from Czech Deputy Prime Minister Ivan Bartoš.