Türkiye's unemployment rate at lowest level since 2014

Türkiye's unemployment rate decreased to 9.5 percent in May, the lowest level since March 2014, with a 0.5 percentage decrease from April, according to official data.

The nation's unemployment rate fell by 193,000 people to 3.3 million in May on a monthly basis, official figures from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) showed yesterday.

Türkiye’s unemployment rate falls to 9.6 percent

Türkiye's unemployment rate fell to 9.6 percent in August, the lowest reading since March 2014, according to data released yesterday.

Decreasing from a downwardly revised 10 percent in July, the jobless rate saw a single-digit after four years in August, data by the Turkish Statistical Agency (TÜİK) showed.

Jobless rate down to 10.7 percent

Unemployment rate in Turkey dropped 0.5 percentage points in February to 10.7 percent, according to data released by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) on April 11. 

The number of unemployed people - aged 15 years old and over - fell by 178,000 to 3.58 million in February compared to the previous month, TÜİK said.

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ECB: EU labor market in much worse shape than official data indicates

The number of jobless or those seeking longer working hours in the eurozone is much higher than official figures suggest, according to a study by the European Central Bank.

According to the ECB bulletin, the eurozone unemployment and underemployment stands between 15 and 18 percent, nearly twice the official figure of 9.5 percent.