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Drug racket unraveled in Athens

Another drug racket operating in central Athens was unraveled by police Thursday.

Four foreign nationals - three Albanians and a Tunisian - aged between 27 and 63, were arrested in the neighborhood of Aghios Panteleimonas on charges of running a criminal gang and drug dealing.

Police said the gang was also active in the neighborhoods of Amerikis Square and Victoria.

Parliament approves creation of safe spaces for drug use

Greek Parliament on Thursday voted to open supervised drug consumption sites where people can use drugs with sterile injection equipment under the supervision of trained staff.
The legislation, presented by the health ministry, was voted with 229 votes in favour, 32 against and one "present".

Georgian burglary gang dismantled

At least 10 Georgian members of a gang that burgled homes, mainly in Athens's affluent northern suburbs, were arrested on Tuesday during police raids of their hideouts across Attica.

So far the gang has been linked to more than 100 burglaries and robberies in the wider Attica area.

Albanians Muscling in on UK Cocaine Market, Police Say

Albanian crime gangs are assuming a leading role in the UK's cocaine trade, the London Times reported on Thursday, citing new data from the police's National Crime Agency - which reported on this phenomenon last year.

A table listing the 4,600 known crime gangs on the police's radar showed Albanians "overtaking" Romanians for the first time in 2017.

The Underground Youth Live in Sofia

THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH to play Sofia for the first time on 17th of March at club Live&Loud. Tickets go on sale via Epaygo priced 20 bgn & 25 bgn on the day of the show.

The Underground Youth has been around since 2008, delivering a discography of 8 LP albums, couple of EPs, compilations and live session recordings with FuzzClub being their label after the DIY period. 

The Misfit Economy: lessons in creativity from informal entrepreneurs

Inspiration is probably the most important leadership trait - top leaders inspire other people. However, there is also another point of view: where do leaders get inspiration? You can hardly find an interview with a renowned leader which does not include this question, from nature or art are the most common and expected answers.