Fewer women than men to regain employment during COVID recovery: ILO

Inequalities between women and men in the job market that have been exacerbated due to the COVID-19 pandemic will persist and there will be 13 million fewer women employed in 2021 than in 2019, while men's employment will have succeeded in recovering, an International Labor Organization (ILO) report projected on July 19. 

Bulgaria: Unemployment at Record Low Last Month

The level of registered unemployment in the country continued to decline and in June reached 5.2 per cent, according to data from the administrative statistics of the National Employment Agency, it reported on Thursday.
Thus, in June the lowest value of registered unemployment ever reported by the institution was repeated.

PM Citu: Romania - the fastest economic recovery in the last hundred years

Prime Minister Florin Citu said on Monday that unemployment in Romania has fallen every month in 2021, adding that Romania's economy has, due to the good activity of the government he leads, "the fastest recovery from an economic crisis in the last one hundred years." "Unemployment has been falling every month since 2021.

Q1 unemployment at 17.1%

Unemployment reached 17.1% in the first quarter of 2021, according to data from the Hellenic Statistical Authority.

The unemployment rate in the previous quarter (Q4 2020) and in the corresponding quarter of the previous year (Q1 2020) was 16.2%.

Finance wonders what will happen as state aid schemes expire

Ljubljana – Finance says on Monday that true picture of the economy will soon show as subsidised furlough and monthly universal basic income expire at the end of June being probably one of the two key state measures to fight the consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic. There are some concerns, which is understandable, it adds.