United Kingdom

100 Days to Brexit

Tomorrow marks 100 days before we leave the European Union.

If everything goes to plan the date for Brexit is March 29 2019.

There is still a chance the process could be halted or delayed or we could crash out a without a deal.


Titanic II Luxury Vessel to Set Sail in 2022

A replica of "the ship of dreams" - also known as Titanic - will sail the high seas in the year 2022.

An announcement about the luxury Titanic II was first made in 2013, but work was suspended due to financial constraints. Now that those financial matters have been resolved, building has recommenced on the vessel, according to a media release from Blue Star Line.

Satellite Net Developed in the UK Collects Space Junk for the First Time

Debris orbiting the Earth at more than 17,000 mph has been snared by a prototype "junk hunting" satellite for the first time.

The experimental RemoveDebris satellite first released the metal object and then fired a five metre wide net to capture it from a distance of six metres.

UK ship insurer setting up Cyprus office over Brexit

British ship insurer London P&I Club is setting up a new subsidiary in Cyprus to ensure continued access to trade in the European Union in case Britain loses single market access.

Britain dominates the global marine insurance market and losing access to specialist Protection and Indemnity (P&I) clubs could weaken its multi-billion pound shipping services sector.