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Liberals to work out criminal law amendment bill banning amnesty, pardon for corruption offenses

Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban said on Monday that the Constitutional Court's ruling on the fundamental law revision draft is "strange" and announced that the Liberals will draft a bill to amend criminal law so as to ban amnesty and pardon for corruption offenses.

The National Assembly Will Discuss the Financing of Political Parties once again

According to BNR, the Bulgarian National Assembly is expected to include in its agenda President Radev's veto on amendments to the 2019 Budget Law which allows the financing of political parties by donations from legal entities and sole proprietors.

Succession race opens to replace retiring top court president, prosecutor

Greece's Justice Ministry announced on Monday that it has launched the procedure to replace the president and top prosecutor of the Supreme Court who have reached the obligatory retirement age.
According to the Constitution, the maximum age limit for judges is 67 years.

The court's president Vasilios Peppas and prosecutor Xeni Dimitriou will retire in June.

Bulgaria’s Constitutional Court Declares Provisions of Judicial System Act Unconstitutional

The Constitutional Court of Bulgaria has declared provisions of the Judicial System Act unconstitutional, said the President of the National Assembly, Tsveta Karayancheva, Focus News Agency reports. The repealed provision stipulated that judges should be removed from office if they were charged with a crime committed in the exercise of their judicial functions.

Parliament approves revision of Constitution on church-state ties

Parliament today held the first vote on which constitutional amendments will be voted on in the Parliament that emerges from the next general election.

In that context, Parliament approved by a one-vote majority the government's proposal to amend Article 3 so as to explicitly establish the religious neutrality of the state.