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Bozhkov, Biden and Trump Are Bulgarians’ Most Popular Google Searches

Information about Coronavirus and the related terms "Covid symptoms", "Covid-19 measures", "declarations Interior Ministry", "state of emergency", "disinfectant", "face masks" and "green corridor" are the most popular Google searches by Bulgarians, according to the summarized data of the internet search engine for the past year.

’America is back’: Biden pushes past Trump era with nominees

Declaring "America is back," President-elect Joe Biden introduced his national security team, his first substantive offering of how he'll shift from Trump-era "America First" policies by relying on experts from the Democratic establishment to be some of his most important advisers.

Turkey among potential trouble spots amid post-US election chaos

Donald Trump still refuses to admit he lost the presidential election, on-brand for him but off-brand for American democracy. The US is about to enter an unprecedented few months of political dysfunction as the presidential transition gets under way. Which US adversaries will attempt to take advantage of the domestic chaos?

Biden clinches Democratic nomination for race against Trump

Joe Biden said on June 5 he had secured the delegates needed to clinch the Democratic nomination and face Donald Trump in November's U.S. presidential election.

"Folks, tonight we secured the 1,991 delegates needed to win the Democratic nomination," the former vice president said on Twitter.