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Turkey proposes G20 virus fund to coordinate global action

An international fund under the auspices of the G-20 should be initiated to ensure an adequate and coordinated global action against the coronavirus, the Turkish foreign minister has said, a day before G-20 leaders are set to hold a videoconference to discuss what can be done in the fight against the fatal pandemic.

Taliban target Afghan security forces, kill 24

The Taliban insurgents killed at least 24 Afghan security forces in an overnight raid on a joint police and army station in the country's south, an official confirmed on March 20.

Atta Jan, a provincial assembly member, confirmed the death toll to state-run Anadolu Agency reporters.

He said a number of Taliban infiltrators helped stage the deadly assault in Zabul province.

The Astronomical Spring is Here

At 05:49 am, the astronomical spring began in Bulgaria.

The sun, in its apparent movement in the ecliptic, crosses the spring equatorial point, and from the southern hemisphere passes into the north. This is also one of the two days of the year where the day and night are approximately equal in duration.

Asylum Rights Denied, Migrants, Refugees Find Greek Island on the Brink

"There isn't enough food for us or the babies," Jonathan, a Congolese man, said prior to the ship's departure, worried about the health of his wife and child. "We wait and wait. They keep telling us we will leave soon."

He shook his head. "We are migrants, but we have rights."

Through the fence

Photo: Madeleine Speed

Scent of cologne now guards against virus

To weather the coronavirus threat, Turkey, like all countries, needs strong public healthcare measures and wise leadership. But in its age-old traditions, perhaps it already enjoys an unexpected edge.

For in recent weeks the popularity of traditional Turkish cologne has soared, an evergreen symbol of hospitality that people now look to as a valiant guard to help ward off germs.