University of Thrace

Event for Greek Language Day canceled in Turkey amid reactions

An online event organized in Turkey to mark International Greek Language Day on Tuesday was cancelled in the wake of reactions on social and mainstream media.

The conference was called off "because of erroneous perceptions regarding its purpose," the University of Ankara said in a statement.

EU-funded environmental protection project launched

Conservationists in Greece expect to receive a big boost after the launch of a major European Union-funded program related to the protection of the Mediterranean country's natural environment and biodiversity.

The so-called LIFE IP 4Natura project aims to develop and implement measures for the protection of species and habitats in the EU's Natura 2000 network.

A student to die for! (20 SEXY PHOTOS)

Her name is Anastasia Stefanidou, she is a student at Democritus University of Thrace where she is studying Political Sciences.

But what is makes the social media go crazy about her is not her views on ideologies and political systems.


It’s her amazingly sizzling hot body she just cannot show enough of at her Instagram account.

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