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Ecuador declares prison emergency after 116 killed in riot

Ecuador's president has declared a state of emergency in the prison system following a battle among gang members in a coastal lockup that killed at least 116 people and injured 80 in what authorities say was the worst prison bloodbath ever in the country.

Officials said at least five of the dead were found to have been beheaded.

Bulgaria: Big Retail Chains Mad at Government for Not Lifting Lockdown and Lack of Support

Another angry open letter was sent today by the Association for Modern Trade (MTA) , an organization that brings together some of the largest food and non-food retail stores in Bulgaria. It once again notes that the decision of the authorities not to open from April 1 the large non-food stores is detrimental to their business.

Staikoura touts benefits of up to eight billion euros in liquidity from EU pandemic package for Greece  

Finance minister Christos Staikouras welcomed the results of the historic Eurogroup pandemic rescue package which he depicted as a satisfactory but hardly optimal compromise.

Staikouras said that Greece's three main demands were met.

The first is direct liquidity for businesses which will not be laid out through banks.

Denmark’s Integration Experiment Reflects European U-turn

Many refugees from the 1992-95 war in former Yugoslav Bosnia had already settled in the neighbourhood, he said.

"I remember those white sheets, so clean and nice, coming from a refugee camp with dust and everything," said Avni, now 30, who spoke on condition his real name not be disclosed.

"It was basically a country where you could heal from the war and feel welcome."