Ursula von der Leyen

Commission wants to assist Greece in railway investigation and development

The European Commission wants to assist the Greek authorities in the official investigation into the causes of the Tempe railway disaster and in coming up with a railways framework that will be safer and more attractive to citizens, a government minister has said.

EU pledges 1 bln euros, vows long-term relief engagement with Türkiye

The European Union, international financial institutions and development agencies have pledged long-term financial support to Türkiye's efforts to revive the destroyed cities and socio-economic life in the earthquake-hit region at an international donors' conference held in Brussels on March 20.

The EU, alone, has pledged 1 billion euros to quake-hit Türkiye and Syria.

EU to hold donors’ conference for quake-hit Türkiye, Syria

A donors' conference to be jointly organized by the EU Commission and EU's term president, Sweden, will be launched on March 20 in Brussels to get pledges from the international institutions, financial bodies, countries and other relevant institutions for Türkiye and Syria, which have been severely hit by the earthquakes of Feb. 6.

EU chief wants ‘level playing field’ with China

The head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said on March 13 she wants to avoid economic dependence on Beijing, but not fully "decouple" the EU's economy from China.

Explaining the stance she took last week when she visited U.S President Joe Biden, Brussels' top official said the European Union was merely seeking a level playing field.

Rail experts’ visit helped identify areas where Greek government is seeking support, EU Commission says

The meetings of the European Commission's delegation of experts in Athens regarding the deadly rail crash at Tempi have now been concluded, Commission spokesperson Adalbert Jahnz said on Thursday in response to questions.