Sundance enters uncharted waters in unique Oscar season

In normal years, the Sundance Film Festival kicks off in late January with Hollywood's award season already in full swing.

Producers, stars and journalists meet in the spectacular Utah mountains to swap last-minute Oscar tips, and catch a first glimpse of the next year's batch of contenders.

This year, due to the pandemic, everything has been turned upside-down.

The Monolith Mystery Continues: Metal Pillar Suddenly Appears in California

Tourists in California are flocking to yet another metal monolith that popped up on top of Pine Mountain, days after similar pillars in Romania and Utah were removed from their posts. 

Dozen of local hikers made the trek to the top of the mountain in Atascadero to snap a photo with the pillar, which mysteriously showed up on Wednesday. 

Mysterious monolith in US desert reportedly disappears

A mysterious metal monolith found in the remote desert of the western United States, sparking a national guessing game over how it got there, has apparently disappeared, officials said.

The Bureau of Land Management in Utah said on Nov. 28 it had received "credible reports" that the object had been removed "by an unknown party" on Nov. 27 evening.

Praid salt mine sees over half a million visitors year-to-date

More than half a million people have descended into the Praid salt mine - Harghita County, since the beginning of the year, with visitor numbers on the rise from the previous year, salt mine director Zoltán Seprődi told AGERPRES on Monday. Specifically, 523,129 visitors entered the mine between January - August this year, with monthly numbers ticking up from a year ago, except for March.

Romania Court Acquits Liberal Leader of Seeking Bribes

Romania's Supreme Court on Monday acquitted opposition National Liberal Party leader Ludovic Orban in a graft trial that had lasted almost two years. The ruling is final.

Orban was accused of requesting 50,000 euros from a businessman during the campaign for the local elections in 2016, while he was running for the post of Bucharest mayor.

Donald Trump Drastically Reduced the Territory of 2 National Monuments

US President Donald Trump will visit Utah to announce big cuts to the state's sprawling wilderness national monuments, a move that is likely to trigger legal challenges from tribes and environmental groups. This is the largest shrinkage of a protected area in the US history, Reuters reports.