Vaccination policy

Canada Imposes Mandatory Vaccinations on Federal Officials and on Transportation

Canada will send unvaccinated federal officials on unpaid leave and will require vaccines for anyone traveling by plane, train or ship. This was stated yesterday by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, presenting some of the strictest vaccination policies in the world so far, Reuters reported.

Crisis Staff called for more restrictive measures; "We might introduce COVID passes"

After the session, the Prime Minister of Sebija, Ana Brnabi, addressed the media. The Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabi, said that the numbers are better than yesterday, even though they are still very high. "Last week, we had the worst day out of almost 8.500 infected people," she reminded at the beginning of her address.

"We have a very clear strategy; We will all get infected"

"At the moment, the exit strategy is very clear. Within 10 to 15 days, vaccinate 20 to 25 percent of those who have not been vaccinated. If we now have 53 percent of those vaccinated, the rest are unvaccinated, and the virus is maintained there. Moreover, it maintains changes and creates new opportunities for different strains", says Tiodorovi.

Epidemiologist confirmed: There are two scenarios

"This is no longer a health problem. I must say, I personally said that we must urgently carry out very strict control of punitive measures and very extensive vaccination. And the worst-case scenario has come true, and we are now in a situation where this is socio-psychological issue".
Tiodorovic said that the main problem was the poor vaccination response of Serbian citizens.

Third Day in a Row Mortality Record from COVID-19 in Russia

For the third day in a row, Russia reported the highest number of coronavirus deaths, while infections are rising due to the new Delta strain of the virus and vaccination is progressing slowly.

The government reported 867 deaths in the last 24 hours and 23,888 new cases. The new numbers bring the country's total mortality from COVID-19 to 207,255 - the highest in Europe.

Bulgarian Ministry of Health Launches a Raffle with Prizes for Vaccinated People

The Ministry of Health is launching a new information campaign aimed at promoting vaccination against COVID-19 in the country. It includes sending a short text message (SMS) to the private subscribers of the three telecommunications operators in the country - A1, Vivacom and Telenor, which provide technical assistance to the information campaign.

Crisis Staff member: COVID passes will not help us, we will all get infected

He added that they can only serve as a measure by which someone will be forced to be vaccinated.
Gojkovi said for TV K1 that the Crisis Staff is currently considering whether to introduce a COVID pass and that they are considering experiences abroad, which show that the number of vaccinated has slightly increased.

Key Workers Told to Get Vaccinated in Some South-East Europe States

Serbia was the first country that made vaccination mandatory for police officers and members of the armed forces in May, followed by Greece and Hungary, which made jabs compulsory for the healthcare sector.

Albania then made vaccination mandatory in late August for health workers, teachers and students.

The highest number of confirmed cases since the outbreak of pandemic, 45 people died

In the last 24 hours, 26.292 people were tested for coronavirus in Serbia. There are 251 patients on respirators.
Since the outbreak of the pandemic, 926.269 cases of coronavirus have been registered in Serbia, and 5.601.570 people have been tested.
So far, 8.142 people have died as a result of the infection.
The mortality rate is 0.88.