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"The number of dead is disastrous"; Doctors in Serbia claim - it's just the beginning

However, according to "Blic", a wave of increase in patients who have a fever, cough, sneeze, feel a pain in the throat, are weak and have flu-like or covid-like symptoms is expected in the coming days. The main impact of tridemia is yet to be expected, and pediatricians are already working at full steam.

Flu Epidemic Spreads: Sofia Region Declares Health Emergency

Amidst a surge in influenza cases, the Sofia region has officially entered a flu epidemic, adding to the growing list of areas grappling with the viral outbreak. Effective today, January 25, and lasting until February 1, health authorities have declared a state of emergency in the Sofia region, introducing temporary anti-epidemic measures that may evolve based on the flu wave's progression.

Flu Outpaces COVID-19: Bulgaria's Winter Health Challenge

Bulgaria finds itself in the midst of a winter health challenge, with seasonal flu prevalence soaring, outpacing COVID-19 by a factor of six. The incidence rate in the capital city Sofia has reached 83 cases per 10,000 people, while the national average stands at 159 per 10,000. In an interview, epidemiologist Prof.

Flu Epidemic Declared in Pleven, Bulgaria

The Regional Operations Headquarters in Bulgaria's Pleven region is set to declare a flu epidemic today, reflecting the escalating impact of Influenza A in the area. Contrary to expectations, students will not be granted a flu vacation, as the absenteeism rate does not meet the criteria for such measures, as stated by the Regional Health Inspectorate (RHI).

Health minister addresses latest surge in respiratory infections

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca has spoken about the surge in upper respiratory tract infections, revealing that Istanbul saw the biggest increase in cases in Türkiye.

Answering the questions of journalists after a cabinet meeting, Koca said that the current increase of infections was expected due to the seasonal conditions of winter months and that there was no cause for worry.

Flu Epidemic Hits Smolyan: Anti-Epidemic Measures Implemented

An official flu epidemic has been declared in the Smolyan Region, prompting the implementation of temporary anti-epidemic measures set to be enforced from January 18 to 24, announced the Health Ministry on Wednesday. The decision is based on a notable surge in influenza and acute respiratory disease cases, reaching an epidemic average of 268.9 per 10,000 people in the region.