Shock! 200.000

The German "Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases" reported 203.136 positive tests in the last 24 hours, which is 69.600 cases more than on the same day a week ago, Reuters reports. The seven-day incidence per 100.000 people rose to 1.017 from 941 the previous day, while 188 people died. Thus, the number of deaths has increased to 117.314 since the outburst of the pandemic.

Bulgarian Immunologist: The only Salvation against Covid is to be Immunized Every Year

"Like the flu, immunizations will be made every year, based on circulating variants, which is the only salvation. The annual vaccine is the solution. The three elements - vaccines, drugs and compliance with anti-epidemic measures, which we forget, are the only salvation until the virus is turned into a common infectious respiratory seasonal disease.

Bulgarian Professor: At the End of Spring the Cases will Decrease Sharply

"The good thing about Omicron is that a very low percentage of people are admitted to hospitals and a very low percentage have severe symptoms of the disease." This was said on the Bulgarian National Radio by Prof. Todor Kantardzhiev, advisor to the Sofia Municipality on health issues and former director of the National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases.

Bill Gates warns: Prepare for worse

The founder of Microsoft, called on rich countries to invest billions of dollars in the development of vaccines so that we can prepare for the next global epidemic.
Gates said that although the delta and omicron variants of COVID-19 are some of the most contagious viruses so far, the new one could be with a much higher mortality rate, writes the Financial Times, as "Blic" reports.

Bill Gates: The Coronavirus is a Flower against the Backdrop of Impending Pandemics

The world is facing pandemics that will be much worse than the coronavirus. That's what Microsoft founder Bill Gates said, urging governments to prepare and set aside billions to fight the next global epidemic.

Omicron and Delta are the most contagious viruses ever, Gates said, but the world will face more deadly and severe infections in the future.

Bulgarian Doctor: We are Waiting for a Vaccine that will Protect us Completely from COVID

"I hope that another type of vaccine will be developed soon, according to the classic method, long-lasting vaccines, multifactorial, which with one injection will completely protect us from current and future variants of the coronavirus."

This was said on BNR by the infectious disease specialist Prof. Georgi Popov from Sofiamed University Hospital.

Bulgaria: Not a Single Case of Proven Link between Vaccine against COVID-19 and Death

On the occasion of journalistic questions related to the statements of Assoc. Prof. Atanas Mangarov on the air of Nova TV (January 16 this year): "564 people who died, they died because they were vaccinated", the Bulgarian Ministry of Health and the Executive Agency for Medicines inform all Bulgarian citizens:

Prof. Mosialos – What applies to the vaccination of children 5 to 11 years old

Professor of Health Policy at LSE Elias Mosialos wrote on the approval of the coronavirus vaccine for children and specifically for the ages of 5 to 11 years, the , by posting an extended message on his personal Facebook account.

Prof. Mosialos refers to the clinical trials that were carried out until the licensing of vaccines for children aged 5 to 11 years.