Venezuela asks extradition of US citizen in failed raid

Venezuela's Chief Prosecutor Tarek William Saab said his office has requested arrest warrants against U.S. military veteran Jordan Goudreau as well as Jose Rendon and Sergio Vergara, two Venezuelans accused of involvement in a failed armed incursion earlier this week aimed at overthrowing the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

Eight South American Countries are Taking Joint Action against the Coronavirus

Eight South American countries that are part of the regional PROSUR bloc are coordinating their response to the new coronavirus, said Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno, quoted by the DPA.

Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Colombia, Peru and Guyana have agreed to "unify measures for the entry of people into each country," Moreno wrote on Twitter.

Mixed impact on local firms from coronavirus outbreak

Greek business is not hiding its concern about the spread of the new coronavirus, primarily in China and Italy, even though Greek enterprises have yet to feel any major negative impact from the virus. Certain local companies, mainly food exporters, have even benefited from the current situation, as many Italian consumers have been panic buying over the last few days.

Democracy Digest: Gloom, Doom and Silver Linings

Four out of the five categories that make up the average score deteriorated. Civil liberties: down. Political culture: down. Functioning of government: down. Electoral processes and pluralism: you guessed it.

The only category that registered an uptick was "political participation", reflecting "a rising tide of popular protest" that "shook regimes run by despots and democrats alike".

Record Inflation in Venezuela

Venezuela's inflation rate was 3320 percent from January to September this year. The data was announced last night by National Assembly (single chamber parliament) Finance Committee member Alfonso Marquina. 

The country's legislature is controlled by the opposition, TASS reported.

US blacklists oil company in Cyprus

An oil company registered in Cyprus has been blacklisted by US officials who blocked a total of four vessels for transporting Venezuelan oil to Cuba.
According to Reuters, Caroil Transport Marine Ltd was among a number of companies accused of continuing "to circumvent sanctions by receiving oil shipments from Venezuela."