Anabolic steroids found hidden in truck

Thousands of tablets and vials containing anabolic steroids were seized on Monday during a police operation in the wider region of Thebes, central Greece.

The tablets had been hidden beneath olives in a metal container on a transport company truck.

According to reports, a total of 21,068 tablets and 2,971 vials containing anabolic steroids were confiscated.

Bulgarian Customs Seize Estimated BGN 15 M Worth of Smuggled Anabolic Steroids  

Customs officials at Bulgaria's Danube Bridge 2 checkpoint in Vidin, at the border with Romania, have seized nearly 15,000 vials marked as containing anabolic steroids being smuggled in a Slovak-registered van.

The vehicle carried packages of dog food to Slovakia, according to the cargo manifest. The starting point of the trip was not disclosed.