Vice President of the United States

Classified Documents found at Ex-Vice President Mike Pence's Home

Classified documents have been found at former US Vice President Mike Pence's Indiana home last week, The Hill reported on Tuesday citing officials.

At present, US President Joe Biden is also facing a surge in criticism over classified documents. The classified documents were found at Biden's Delaware home and his old office in Washington DC.

Bulgaria: Why are the Women Politicians Always Second?

No matter how the presidential election ends, the next Bulgarian vice president will be a woman again.

Out of 24 candidacies in the presidential elections, a total of 13 consist of a male presidential candidate and a female vice-presidential candidate. This also applies to the leaders in the race.

By comparison, there were only two female vice presidential candidates in 2016.

Iohannis congratulates Biden, Harris on Inaguration Day: Convinced together we will continue to develop Strategic Partnership

President Klaus Iohannis offered congratulations to US incoming President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. "Congratulations to President Joe Biden and to Vice President Kamala Harris.

Biden Day

The inauguration ceremony called "United America" will not resemble previous inaugurations, because the organizers and local authorities in Washington called on Americans not to come but to follow the ceremony online in their homes.
Security in Washington will be strengthened while the Pentagon announced that it will send 20.000 National Guard soldiers.

Resolution approved. Now what?

The resolution calls on Vice President Mike Pence to initiate the procedure envisaged by the 25th Amendment of the American Constitution, so that President Donald Trump would be relieved of his duties, the agencies report. The resolution was adopted by 223 votes to 205.